Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What is the address for Marinablue?

Marinablue is located at 888 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida 33132.

How many condominium units does Marinablue have?

Marinablue consists of 516 total residential units.

How many floors does Marinablue have?

Marinablue rises 57 stories. However, Marinablue is a two-tiered condo development. The southern portion, which includes lines 01 through 08, soars 57 stories. The northern portion, which includes lines 09 through 12, is 51 stories tall.

What is the phone number for the Marinablue Management Office?

The Marinablue Management Office phone number is 305-808-7361.

Which company developed Marinablue?

Marinablue was developed by Hyperion Group.

Which architectural firm designed Marinablue?

Marinablue was designed by Arquitectonica, a world-renowned architectural firm.

What is the pet policy for owners and renters at Marinablue?

Marinablue is a pet-friendly condo development for both owners and renters. The pet policy permits each residence to have no more than two (2) pets, each with a maximum weight of 45 pounds. Prior to move-in, tenants who are pet owners must pay a non-refundable pet fee of $500 to the condo association.

Are guests of residents allowed to bring their pets to Marinablue?

No, only pets that have been properly registered with the Marinablue condo association are permitted on the property.

I have noticed that some floors at Marinablue have higher ceilings than others. Which floors are those and how high are the ceilings?

A mix of residential and commercial lofts can be found near the base of the southern portion of Marinablue. The residential lofts each have 18-foot ceilings and are located on floors 7, 9, and 11. The penthouse units each have 20-foot ceilings. With the exception of the lofts and penthouses, all units located on floors 43 and below each have 9-foot ceilings while those located on floors 44 and above each have 10-foot ceilings.

How many parking spaces are included with each unit at Marinablue?

Unless specifically stated, each residence at Marinablue comes with one assigned parking space. There are cases, however, in which units include a tandem parking space and/or a separate, additional parking space.

What are the valet rates at Marinablue?

Valet parking is provided by an outside company called Ultra Park. As of this writing, valet rates for guests of Marinablue residents are provided below. During events, games, concerts, holidays, etc. all residents must register their guests with management at least 24 hours in advance.

  • 0-6 hours: $5.00
  • 6-12 hours: $10.00
  • 12-18 hours: $15.00
  • 18-24 hours: $20.00
  • Lost ticket: $15.00 + additional hours

Does Marinablue have extra parking spaces available for rent on a monthly basis?

Depending upon availability, Marinablue residents may lease valet-only parking spaces at a rate of $150 per month.

Is storage available at Marinablue?

Yes, each unit at Marinablue comes with one storage cage measuring 49 inches in length by 48 inches in width by 37 inches in height. Depending upon availability, storage rooms may also be leased.

What are the hours of operation for the gym located at Marinablue?

The gym at Marinablue is for residents’ use only. It opens daily at 6am and closes at 10pm.

Are there any restrictions as to when the swimming pools at Marinablue can be used each day?

Yes, the swimming pools and hot tub may only be used from dawn till dusk.

Are there any restrictions as to when the hot and cold spa at Marinablue can be used each day?

Yes, the hot and cold spa can be used 7 days a week from 6am to 10pm.

Which TV provider services Marinablue?

TV service is provided by INFINITY from Comcast.

Which Internet providers service Marinablue?

For Internet service, Marinablue residents have the option to choose from Comcast, AT&T, and Webpass.

How many on-site restaurants does Marinablue have?

Currently, Marinablue has two (2) on-site eateries. Those include Pucci’s Pizza and Subway.

Buyer questions

Which utilities are included in the Marinablue condominium association dues?

As of this writing, water, sewer, trash removal, and XFINITY from Comcast with over 140 channels come included in the condominium association dues.

What are the rental restrictions for Marinablue condos?

Owners may rent their units a maximum of three (3) time per year. No lease can be less than three (3) months.

Renter questions

How much is the lease application fee at Marinablue?

The application fee for leases at Marinablue is $150 per applicant (or married couple).

How much is the required common areas deposit for leases?

The common areas deposit for leases at Marinablue is $1,000.

Which utilities are included for Marinablue condo rentals?

The following utilities are included in the condominium association dues and, therefore, unless otherwise stated, are also included in prices quoted for rentals: water, sewer, trash removal, and XFINITY from Comcast with over 140 channels.

Are short-term rentals permitted at Marinablue?

Marinablue has a minimum rental term of three (3) month.


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